Audi Q3 S line
Audi Q3 S line

Vous pouvez utiliser la ligne de S Audi Q3 dans un de nos bureaux à louer en Français et l'ensemble de l'Europe ou en ligne. Nous allons vous fournir le véhicule à n'importe quel aéroport. Mais le plus simple est de prendre contact avec notre personnel et nous tout le reste avec vous coordonnez. S'il vous plaît utiliser l '«offre» et de remplir le formulaire et nous recevons vos informations de contact. Les locationvoiture Deluxe équipe vous remercie de votre visite.

Location ou louer la Audi Q3  à Paris ou à l'aéroport avec CW Groupe. Profitez de votre voyage à Paris, France. Ici vous trouverez les prix et les meilleures offres sur les Audi Q3 location à Paris.

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Location ou location de la ligne de S Audi Q3 à Paris ou à l'aéroport de Paris, avec CW Groupe.


Since its market launch in fall 2011, the Q3 model series has been a successful model for the Audi brand. But Audi is also constantly improving good and successful models. The new Audi Q3 and RS Q3 models not only feature a refreshed design, they also boast a number of technical innovations.


The engine lineup for the Audi Q3 comprises three TFSI units and three TDI clean diesel four-cylinder units. Displacement ranges from 1.4 to 2.0 liters and output from 88 kW (120 hp) to 162 kW (220 hp). All are turbocharged, direct-injection units and comply with the limits of the Euro 6 emission standard. With the help of sophisticated thermal management, they quickly come up to operating temperature following a cold start.

Compared with the previous model, performance is even better and CO2 emissions have been reduced by up to 17 percent (2.0 TDI manual FWD). The 1.4 TFSI COD and the 2.0 TDI clean diesel with 110 kW (150 PS) bear the "ultra" badge as proof of their extraordinary efficiency. Audi models with the name affix "ultra" attain best values in fuel consumption and emissions as the result of a considerable technological input and are the most fuel-efficient automobiles in their segment. The start-stop system is standard with all variants. When braking, it deactivates the engine shortly before the car comes to a stop.

ultra: the 1.4 TFSI COD

The 1.4 TFSI COD is an example of Audi's rightsizing strategy. Displacing just 1,395 cc (bore x stroke 74.5 x 80.0 millimeters [2.9 x 3.1 in]), it produces a powerful 110 kW (150 hp) and 250 Nm (184.4 lb-ft) of torque, which is available between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm. Equipped with the manual transmission, the Audi Q3 1.4 TFSI ultra accelerates in 9.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) and reaches a top speed of 204 km/h (126.8 mph).

Location ou location de la ligne de S Audi avec CW Groupe.